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How To Buy A Home In Hawaii: Metro Honolulu

Condominium & Home Buying Tips

Condominium & Home Buying Tips

Aloha Potential Metro Honolulu Homebuyer,

Are you thinking about buying a home in Metro Honolulu?

Don’t make a move without first consulting this “How-To” guide.

How To Buy A Home In Hawaii: Metro Honolulu E-Book”, by Jon S. Mann, the third in a successful selling series of real estate E-Books, is a comprehensive publication specifically designed for Metro Honolulu that informs, educates and instructs potential Metro Honolulu homebuyers on the Hawaii home buying process while providing valuable condominium and home buying tips.

The book clearly identifies the eight basic steps to buying a home in Metro Honolulu and then explains in detail how each step is performed to achieve your Hawaii real estate goals. Along the way, valuable, straight-forward advice is provided in order to save you time and money in your home search and purchase efforts.

This E-book is designed to consolidate and leverage the information resources available in our high-tech society and help educate individuals on the Home buying process as it specifically relates to Metro Honolulu. The E-book contains over 75 resource links to additional information available on the internet to assist in your real estate activities in Metro Honolulu. The easy-to-understand question and answer format of the E-book allows the information to flow smoothly and effectively answers many of the most commonly asked questions by Hawaii home buyers.

Whether you are interested in Salt Lake, Kapalama, Kalihi, Kam Heights, Chinatown, Nuuanu, Alewa Heights, Downtown, Punchbowl, Kakaako, Pacific Heights, Ala Moana, Makiki, Punahou, Tantalus, Moilili, Kapiolani, University, Manoa, or other Metro Honolulu neighborhoods, this book is for you.

Use this book and you will successfully navigate the ocean of information on home buying in Metro Honolulu and achieve your Hawaii real estate goals with resounding success.

In “How To Buy A Home In Hawaii: Metro Honolulu E-Book”, you will learn:

  • The eight basic steps to buying a home in Hawaii. Page 9.
  • How to find a Hawaii real estate agent that is right for you. Page 10.
  • The five key questions you should ask any real estate agent and the answers you should receive. Page 11.
  • How do we define our housing needs and wants? Page 53.
  • How do I select a mortgage lender in Hawaii? Page 13.
  • Who are the “top” mortgage lenders in Hawaii? Page 14.
  • Who are the “top” mortgage brokers in Hawaii? Page 15.
  • How to understand the Hawaii standard real estate forms. Page 52.
  • Six great ways to save money on your home purchase. Page 47.
  • What type of mortgage should I get in Hawaii? Page 16.
  • What do Hawaii lenders look for when evaluating a mortgage application? Page 16.
  • The four key questions you should ask any mortgage lender and the answers you should receive. Page 13.
  • The three additional questions to ask a mortgage broker. Page 14.
  • What are the best reasons to buy an investment home in Hawaii? Page 32.
  • The website links and books that I recommend to help you select the right Hawaii home or investment property? Page 44.
  • How can we save money in Hawaii on our down payment and closing costs? Page 47.
  • What seven things should you be careful of when getting a condo loan in Hawaii? Page 17.
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  • How can you determine if a condominium building is approved for a FHA or VA loan type? Page 17.
  • What is the process of buying real estate in Hawaii? Page 19.
  • How do we determine if the price is right to buy a home? Page 27.
  • Are there in any Hawaiian real estate terms I should understand before I decide to buy a home in Hawaii? Page 28.
  • How do we identify the “right” neighborhood for our home in Hawaii? Page 30.
  • Is renting better than buying in Hawaii? Page 32.
  • What does fee simple and leasehold mean regarding Hawaii real estate? Page 33.
  • What is the best way to house hunt in Hawaii? Page 33.
  • How do we determine if it is a Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market in Hawaii? Page 36.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a single family home in Hawaii? Page 37.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a townhome or condominium in Hawaii? Page 38.
  • Should we buy land and build a home or purchase a resale in Hawaii? Page 39.
  • What are the most important criteria to use when selecting a single family home investment property in Hawaii? Page 40.
  • When is the best time to invest in Hawaii real estate? Page 42.
  • What are the five keys to successful real estate investing in Hawaii? Page 43.
  • What is the Hawaii home inspection process? Page 45.
  • What are the typical buyer closing costs in Hawaii? Page 46.
  • What do we need to know about taxes in Hawaii? Page 48.
  • What do we need to know about pet ownership in Hawaii? Page 49.
  • What types of state of Hawaii home purchase assistance programs exist? Page 49.
  • What are the construction styles available in Hawaii? Page 39.
  • What types of things should we consider if we are moving to Hawaii from another state or country? Page 50.
  • In order to afford a home in Hawaii, we must make some compromises in our home choice….are there any compromises you recommend? Page 40.
  • Do we need a Buyer’s Agent or can we just use the agent that is listing the property for sale as our agent too? Page 12.
  • How do we pay the Buyer’s Agent? Page 12.
  • What do we need to know about electricity costs in Hawaii? Page 49.
  • And much more………
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